Bank of Izrael wins Transparency Award

The Bank of Izrael is receiving the Transparency Award for 2016 as one of the winners of annual awards announced today by international publisher Central Banking Publications. This follows last year's recognition with this award for the Czech National Bank.

In selecting the Bank of Izrael, the publisher said:

The Bank of Israel was handed the Transparency Award for 2016 after taking multiple steps to improve its already strong communications. This included introducing press conferences after monetary policy decisions, publishing a host of new documents in the area of financial stability and introducing forward guidance.

The Bank of Izrael very much deserved the award as it belongs to the best central bank communicators in the world, in large part thanks to the legacy of its former long-time Governor Stanley Fischer.

Sending my congrats go to my friends and colleagues in Izrael's central bank.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Ireland was picked as the Central Bank of the Year, and the European Central Bank was handed the Website of the year.