"Helicopter money" talk seems to go mainstream

Not that long ago dropping money from helicopter would have been derided as a completely unorthodox idea. It was halfheartedly contemplated by Czech central bankers back in 2013, but ultimately seen as unfeasible. Now it seems the notion of "helicopter drop of money" has gone mainstream, at least judging by a growing number of media and analyst reports on the topic.

Bloomberg News, reporting on central banks possibly having to head even deeper into uncharted territory:

“We don’t know for certain that ‘helicopter money’ will be the next attempted silver bullet, however the topic is receiving considerably more attention,” said Gabriel Stein, an economist at Oxford Economics Ltd. in London. “The likelihood is reasonably high of some form being implemented somewhere.”

Wanna bet who will become the world's first central banker to ask their staff to launch a public tender to purchase helicopters?