A bond fund manager warns: Don't hand out free cash

Reuters reporting on one of the world's biggest bond fund managers urging central banks not to dole out free cash to citizens in a policy strategy popularly dubbed "helicopter drop of money":

"This is a place you don't want to go to," said Andrew Bosomworth, head of portfolio management in Germany at PIMCO, which manages $1.43 trillion of assets.

"If we look back in the past, it shows that when central banks tried just a little bit of this, it created huge amounts of inflation."

The noise around the notion of "helicopter money" in the global media has grown recently. This is quite understandable from the media perspective because of the uniqueness and complexity of the idea's practical implementation (and potential controversy surrounding such policy course). Yet no central bank has seemed to suggest, as far as I understand, that they are seriously exploring ways of going that route.