Canada choosing from 180 Bank NOTE-able women

Today was the last day for nominations of an iconic Canadian woman to appear on a new bank note.

As the Bank of Canada reported on its Twitter page, more than 180 women had been nominated.

Canada's public will be asked to provide an opinion on a long list of 10–12 names that will be compiled from these nominations.

To sum up, the next steps are as follows:

  • Nominations will be reviewed by an independent Advisory Council composed of eminent Canadian academic, sport, cultural and thought leaders.

  • This Advisory Council, assisted by historical experts and a public opinion survey, will develop a short list of candidates for submission to the Minister of Finance.

  • The name of the woman chosen to be featured on the note will be announced in due course, following the final decision by the Minister.

  • Other information about the denomination, design and security features will be decided later in the process.

Great that the central bank is letting the general public have a say in the selection of a bank note face.