Helicopter Ben delves into helicopter money debate

Ben Bernanke, in a long blog post on the merits of helicopter money as a "presumably last-resort strategy" for policymakers:

"... the probability of so-called helicopter money being used in the United States in the foreseeable future seems extremely low. The U.S. economy has continued to strengthen and is not today suffering from the severe underutilization of resources and very low inflation (or even deflation) that would justify such an approach.

Nevertheless, it’s important that markets and the public appreciate that, should worst-case recession or deflation scenarios occur, governments do have tools to respond. Moreover, with central banks in Europe and Japan struggling to reach their inflation targets, money-financed fiscal actions may receive more attention outside this country.

Remarkable that the former Fed chief seems to be nudging policymakers in Europe and Japan to look more closely into the concept despite, as he says, the imagery of helicopter money being "off-putting to many people".