Risk-averse students, and professors, at Bundesbank's university

The Wall Street Journal, vividly reporting on German central bank's in-house university, called Deutsche Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences:

Behind the walls of a 12th-century castle here, perched above a wooded valley 30 miles by winding forest road from the nearest big town, Germany is training its first line of defense against foreign instability.

Long ago, Schloss Hachenburg was a palace for local counts. Now it is home to an elite academy for about 350 young men and women. The castle offers only one degree: central banking. The typical student? “Risk-averse,” says the school’s rector, Erich Keller.

As conservative as perhaps only the Bundesbank can be: Students at this central-banking academy even use the German textbook, not the U.S. one, because "it's more precise".