Plain talk by BoE: One can hardly understand us

Pretty much every central bank has sought to simplify its policy message and make it as clear and accessible to the general public as possible. However, few central banks are as transparent as the Bank of England to admit publicly that their efforts are bringing little results.

Bloomberg, reporting on a talk given by Andrew Haldane, BoE's Chief Economist:

Communications from the U.K. central bank are too complex and inaccessible to the man on the street, Haldane said in a — ahem — 9,000-word speech in London on Wednesday.

Haldane, saying in his speech:

... the vast majority of the Bank’s publications may be inaccessible to the vast majority of the general public.

Having assessed my own speeches, including this one, the conclusion is much the same. They, too, are likely to be impenetrable to most.

Plainly, there is further still for us all to go, myself very much included, in simplifying our communications to enable us to speak clearly to those we serve.

Finally, the central banker used plain and simple language to "plainly" sum up his message.

As Haldane himself demonstrated in his talk, speaking clearly, in an easily-accessible language, on complex financial and central banking topics is indeed a difficult mission to accomplish.