Training journalists in reading central bank news

During my visit to Kyrgyzstan, I trained about two dozens of local journalists in reading central bank pronouncements and understanding the aim of monetary policy communications in a workshop organized by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (NBKR).

A number of participants were quoted as appreciating both the topic and the content of the workshop in a long report posted on the NBKR's official website:

Journalists had an opportunity to ask questions regarding the topics of interest and to talk with the lectors in informal surroundings. The participants sharing their impressions about the training noted the topicality of the raised topics and simplicity of the complex information delivery by the lectors.

Alexander Shabalin, a correspondent in "Argumenty i Fakty" newspaper: "The workshop of the National Bank with participation of Marek Petrus, the international consultant, visually demonstrated the importance for the government institutes to be open for the society, to have a direct dialogue with the press, each citizen of the mass media."

Alexandra Vasilkova, an observer of "Vecherniy Bishkek" newspaper: "The workshop was very useful as it helped to understand the National Bank’s position more clearly. In the course of the trainings the journalists could see for themselves the real responsibilities of the National Bank and this will help in future to formulate and to address correctly requests or questions to the Management of the regulating body as well as to interpret correctly obtained answers."

Bekkhan Asanov, a correspondent of "Zaman. Kyrgyzstan" newspaper: "I took part in the workshops organized by the National Bank for the journalists before. I liked the simple way of the information delivery by the lector Marek Petrus. His experience as a journalist was seen. For a short time of the training he provided much needed information about building the bridge between the National Bank and the population through the mass media."

Likewise, the workshop was quite useful for myself, in helping me understand local journalists and their predominant concerns.