Russians choose bank note symbols in public competition

The Bank of Russia has become another central bank to let the general public have a say in the selection of a bank note design. Its public competition to select city symbols for new 200 and 2000 ruble bank notes on a dedicated website (Твоя-Россия.рф) follows in the footsteps of the Bank of Canada's public request for nominations of an iconic Canadian woman to appear on a new bank note.

The Bank of Russia, as well as the Bank of Canada, leveraged the use of social media to pull their public votings off. Both provide good case studies of how central banks may try to appeal to members of the general public with an issue concerning everyone's wallet, literally.

Never before the Russians could offer and select symbols for new banknotes by themselves. The competition will be a three-step procedure with 7 October 2016 being its final day when the winners will be announced.

The qualification stage lasts one month with 28 July being the last day to send suggestions for the selection of city symbols for the new banknotes.

More than half a million of Russians have voted so far, most of them on social media. The Motherland Calls Monument in Volgograd tops the rankings.