Exception to the rule? Rare public town hall forum with a central banker

Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari held a public town hall forum making himself freely available to asnwer questions about the risks big banks pose, the economy and the role of the Federal Reserve.

The invitation read as follows:

Learn more about Kashkari's major initiative to end the "Too Big to Fail" problem and ask questions about the risks big banks pose, the role of the Federal Reserve, and what the Minneapolis Fed plans to do to address TBTF.

One can listen to an audio file of the event on the Minneapolis Fed's website.

Organizing a free public town hall forum is extremelly rare within central banking circles. As far as I could count, there was just a handful of such events in recent years.

Kashkari has been probing frontiers of central bank communications with his proactive drive to reach out to the general public. That's an approach that central banks in many developing countries may want to consider following to help get their message out.