Bank of Russia mimics commercial banks in holding an investor conference call

The Bank of Russia reaches out to a broader international expert public via an inaugural joint meeting and conference call with institutional investors. A release by its Press Service:

“Among the main points of discussion were the decisions of the recent meeting of the Bank of Russia’s Board of Directors, inflation expectations and risks as well as economic forecasts. More than 50 representatives of local and international investment funds, including from the US, UK, and continental Europe, participated in the meeting and the call.

The Bank of Russia will be holding regular meetings and teleconferences with institutional investors to increase information transparency and provide an insight into the Bank of Russia’s monetary policy.

Russia’s central bank will organize such meetings and teleconferences on a quarterly basis, following each publication of the Monetary Policy Report.

There seems to be a clear trend emerging: Central banks increasingly employ communication techniques pursued by commercial companies in establishing a two-way dialog with key stakeholders.